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Duke and Battersby
Steve Reinke/Turner Prize*
Joshua and Zakary Sandler
Marisa Hoicka

Curated by Evan Tyler




By Evan Tyler

In middle school I used to play with my friend Ben Morris’ cat Bella when visiting the Morris household. Ben and his Dad used to call Bella a “faggy dike” because she had a tendency to fondle and lick other female cats and do what they referred to as “super gay stuff”. I used to feel bad for Bella because she received this cruelty and neglect from Ben and his Dad. The Morris' also had a dog that they loved and cherished, a golden retriever named Bruce. Bruce was the pride and joy of the Morris family. Ben’s father used to say-

“Now there’s an animal you can be proud of, a true blue friend, a pure breed. Can't say that about that pervert cat. Where the hell does that damn thing go at night anyway? Pervert cat.”

Bella had strong reservations about me when I attempted to pet her. If I grew up in the Morris household I might hate men too. Over the course of a couple of years Bella gradually warmed up to me, but still maintained a distance from her owners. I often felt puzzled as to why the Morris' held onto Bella, because it was obvious they already had their prize dog. Why keep a cat in the house that served no purpose to the family other than to be ridiculed and alienated?

One day Ben invited me over for a play date and I decided to head over to his house a tad early and surprise him with some new drawing pens recently acquired. When I arrived at his house I knocked a few times but nobody answered. 

As I made my way down the burgundy and black staircase into the musky basement I realized that Ben probably couldn’t hear me knocking because the Prince song “Little Red Corvette” was blaring through the basement sound system. The Morris' always had state of the art technology in home entertainment. 

Ben's bedroom door was open enough that I could see his bare bottom gyrating to the Prince song with intense passion. I cautiously began to back up assuming that Ben was just masturbating before my expected arrival. Just before I started up the stairs again I caught a glimpse of what Ben was really doing in his bedroom. As his naked body turned to the side I halted at the site of him smearing what looked like yogurt allover his gleaming, chubby body from genitals to chest, and allowing Bella to lick it off with vigour. 

From that day on I knew that at any moment, I might witness confused love acts between insecure boys and insecure felines. 

It was that moment that I knew I would be alone in my willingness to be a man who loves cats in public.


The inaugural showing of Purrr Verts will open at Kurt Im Hirsch in Berlin, Germany. on November 1, 2014. 


The show will run from Nov.1- Dec. 14, 2014.